We start with the "forests" of Michigan, and if you look close you will see the means to do the job, all of it!

The trees are "cut" and "sorted" (manhandled), inferior trees (cottonwood, poplar, 
willow, box elder, pine & spruce) are cast aside at this time, 
so that they are never made into "Freddy's Firewood"

The trees of "Firewood" value are collected and allowed to "cure".
In three weeks the trees will have lost more than seventy five percent of it's moisture.

The "Brush" is then removed. The trees are then taken to the landing

The "nice" larger logs are removed and stacked to dry. This is what we deliver at the height of the firewood
 "season". These pieces "logs" can be rehandled as necessary and if need be, allowed to dry yet another year. 

The "non-straight" and upper parts are set aside to further dry. 
This becomes our early season, larger quantity and discount priced product.

Although we have modern "muscle" to handle (wrestle) the largest of trees, 
sometimes we even employ unconventional methods, this monster tree had a rotten
"core" and was too dangerous to cut.

Since we do all the work, count on FREDDY, our reputation counts on it.

Final new growth to the next generation (life continues).
The "lush" growth is what wild life seeks out,
as apposed to the dark "fern" cover of the heavy growth timber in the first photo.